Services :

Annual Maintenance Contract

Our AMC contract is designed to achieve a trouble free quality Water Treatment Plant that is periodically monitored by technically qualified and experienced people in the specific field of the water treatment.

Our annual maintenance contract takes care of preventive maintenance. We ensure longevity of components, trouble-free operations and lower downtime. Our annual maintenance contract services comprises of scheduled inspection & scheduled maintenance of the wastewater treatment plant and water treatment system

The following activities are done during the AMC:

  • Complete check up of water & waste water system of any make
  • Checking of log sheets
  • Discussions with the operator as well as management for performance of the plant
  • Immediate steps to be taken & long term requirement of particular industry is understood & specific recommendations are given
  • Any new processes in the market are informed to the customer

System specific activities are as follows:

  • Filtration system - Backwashing & pressure drop across the system is checked
  • Softening system - Regeneration to keep the hardness of outlet water to commercial zero
  • DM Plant - Regeneration to keep the conductivity of system below 1 mega ohms
  • RO Plant - Cleaning to reduce scaling & fouling of membranes
  • UV system - Monitor the intensity of UV Lamp
  • Dosing Pump - Adjust the dosing rate as per raw water quality.
  • Calibration - Conductivity Meter , pH meter, Pressure gauges etc.