Solutions :

H2O MSPL Upgradation (Old to new - DM to RO-EDI)

Continuous operation is critical for every Pharma company. Keeping in mind this need along with the structure, we upgrade the system in such a way that the existing systems components can be used & new upgraded system can be provided.

Upgraded system like conversion of DM Plant into RO-EDI system has the following advantages:

  • Makes the operation continuous
  • Reduces hazardous chemicals requirement
  • Reduces the dependability over the operator
  • Reduces microbial load 5. Consistency in the quality of water

H2O MSPL Microbial Count Solution

Microbial count is a major problem in drinking water. Normally chlorine dosing is done to water to disinfect the system but the quantity of chlorine present in water is not always measured. We give solutions based on microbial analysis report. Pseudomonas is a problem for the pharma industry. We guarantee removal of pseudomonas from the system.

H2O MSPL Capacity Increase

As business increases the production requirements for pharma companies also increase. The existing system cannot deliver the required quantity of water to match the growing production need and so the capacity of the existing system needs to be increased.

Keeping “cost & space “ requirements of a new system in mind, H2O MSPL provides the solution in integrating the existing system to provide higher flowrates in a stipulated time frame.

H2O MSPL Audit - Water Audit

Water Audits Help Plants Save Costs and Time, Improve Operations and Water Conservation. A well-performed water audit should identify water needs/uses and wastewater sources throughout a facility and characterize each of the identified streams by flow rate, type, concentrations, and variability of the substances and compounds. After determining the facility’s water reduction and wastewater recycle and reuse goals, the various sources of wastewater can then be matched with the facility’s water needs, and an economic model for wastewater recycle and reuse created. Engineers can conduct a comprehensive, onsite water audit to gain important insight into their operations, uncover ways to ensure cost-effective operation, and guarantee consistent compliance with water-quality standards, all while conserving water. And in many cases, such an audit can help engineers improve operations and maintenance practices in a way that reduces cost and downtime.

H2O MSPL Certification - IQ, PQ, OQ

All the required documentation related to pharmaceutical validation for Water will be provided by us which includes Installation Qualification:- Exact positioning of vessels & other utilities will be given as per US FDA Format. Performance Qualification:- Which will give you the details of existing water quality & how the sytem will perform in years to come. Operational Qualification:- Will give you the interlocks present in the system.


All our systems under go FAT ie. Factory Assurance Test. The systems are tested for

  1. Physical appearance.
  2. Leakages.
  3. Panel functioning- checking Inter locks.
  4. Functioning of each and every component
    • FRP / MS Vessels for Hydro testing
    • Pressure Gauges with standard PG.
    • Pumps & Dosing Pump for required flow & pressure.
    • Resin will be regenerated incase of smaller units.