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Our water and environment management solutions in ambernath cover all water and utility areas, assuring required quality of water for every use – drinking water, cooking, bathing, laundry, air conditioning, and gardening

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Effective waste water management provides assurance against water shortages

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H2O designed packages especially in mumbai preconstructed wastewater treatment units uses integration of various treatment process to achieve clean, pollutant free treated water which can be reused for many secondary uses and with significantly lower maintenance. The treatment process is based on worldwide proven technologies however customized to create hassle free operation for users which are in form of plug and play mode. It minimizes operation issues, space requirement, construction cost and time and completely transportable worldwide. Package wastewater treatment units provides better aesthetic view of treatment units which will not fade beauty of customers premises. Treated product water quality can be optimized to highest degree as per reuse application and meeting as per local government norms. The system is fully capable of removing organic & inorganic substance, colloidal particles, suspended solids, pathogens etc.
H2O offers customized solutions for hospital wastewater treatment plant in mumbai, sewage treatment plant, sewage treatment plant for small hospitals in mumbai
In recent years, hospitals in mumbai are significant consumers of water per day and therefore the generation of multiple amounts of wastewater from the hospitals has been increasing as a results of development within the medical field. Sewage from hospitals that contain infectious and unsafe pollutants should be treated before its discharge into the drain.
Generally, wastewater is defined because of the composition of physical, chemical, and biological waste present in wastewater. Hospital sewage may be wastewater generated relatively in larger quantities from all the units of the hospitals like emergency and care, operating rooms, drug treatment, ICU, chemical and biological research laboratory, radiology, canteen and laundry activity in mumbai.
Since in mumbai hospital sewage/wastewater consists of varied potentially hazardous components which will cause many risks on humans and the environment by polluting surface and spring water. Hence, hospital sewage treatment is extremely much required.

The large objective of the hospital wastewater treatment plant is to treat the influent (untreated wastewater) generate by the hospitals and healthcare sectors before its direct release into the natural environment. Hospital wastewater may have an adverse impact on environments and human health. Therefore, proper wastewater management in each & each hospital is a prerequisite.

Wastewater from various hospitals consists of :

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