Solid Handling Systems


The Solid Handling System provided by H2OMSPL works as a pre-filtration to Multi Grade Sand Filter. It is mostly used in Waste Water Systems, where, turbidity and TSS are high. Coagulant dosing is necessary for effective filtration. Sludge gets saturated at the bottom side of the tank due to restrictions provided to the flow and dosing of coagulant.

Specifications :

One Conical Base Tank, inclusive of :

  • One Set of Internal sloped plates.
  • One Set of Internal Water Distribution and collection system.
  • One Set of Sludge collection system.
  • H2O Management Services provides Solid Handling System in various size’s depending on feed water conditions and capacity.

Salient Features :

  • Effective for High Suspended solids removal
  • Effective to reduce turbidity.
  • Low maintenance and operational costs.
  • Easy to operate
  • Less wastage of water

Applications :

  • The Solid handling system has vast applications due to its effectiveness and low operational and maintenance costs
  • The Solid handling system has domestic and industrial applications
  • H2O MSPL provides Solid Handling System in various sizes and metallurgy (FRP, MS-EP, MS-FRP, MS-RL, SS 304, SS 304L, SS 316) as per client and process needs


  1. Depends on feed water quality.
  2. Dosing of suitable coagulant will provide more effective solid separation
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