Wastewater Treatment Plant In Cambodia

A Preconstructed Unit customized to Your Needs

H2O designed packages preconstructed wastewater treatment units uses integration of various treatment process to achieve clean, pollutant free treated water which can be reused for many secondary uses and with significantly lower maintenance. The treatment process is based on worldwide proven technologies however customized to create hassle free operation for users which are in form of plug and play mode. It minimizes operation issues, space requirement, construction cost and time and completely transportable worldwide. Package wastewater treatment units provides better aesthetic view of treatment units which will not fade beauty of customers premises. Treated product water quality can be optimized to highest degree as per reuse application and meeting as per local government norms. The system is fully capable of removing organic & inorganic substance, colloidal particles, suspended solids, pathogens etc.

Special Features:


Applications :


A. Material of construction:

  • Mild steel with epoxy painting (MSEP)
  • Mild steel with FRP lining
  • CS (carbon steel) with epoxy painting
  • FRP (Fiberglass reinforced plastic)
  • PP FRP

B. Capacity:

  • 5KLD to 125KLD for domestic STP
  • 5KLD to 75 KLD for export and skid mounted STP units.
  • 5KLD to 100 KLD for domestic industrial application containing biodegradable organic effluent (COD< 2000mg/l)
  • 5KLD to 50 KLD for export industrial application containing biodegradable organic effluent (COD< 2000mg/l)
  • Further customized multi tank design for other applications.

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Wastewater Treatment Plant In Cambodia

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