The Right Prescription for the Pharma Industry's Needs

In the pharmaceutical industry water is a major component and quality of water plays a critical role especially during production of the finished products. H2OMSPL offers technologies and integrated solutions for high purity water generation & distribution, with complete validation documentation support. We also offer a complete range of speciality resins for formulations and API; these are manufactured in a world class US FDA compliant, ISO 9001 & 14001 certified facility which is also WHO GMP certified.

High Purity Water Generation & Distribution

  • Hot water sanitising UFRO-EDI systems
  • Demineralisers
  • Ozonation for loop disinfection
  • Water distribution systems

Total Water Management

  • Water/effluent treatment & recycle to achieve zero discharge
  • Comprehensive O&M of complete water system/circuits
  • Management of cooling and boiler water treatment
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