Iron & Steel Industry

Strong as Steel Solutions

We study the existing water circuit of the entire integrated steel and metal production complex and offer integrated solutions, on turnkey basis, that ensure trouble free, continuous peak performance at optimal cost, with single point responsibility.

Water Management:

  • Process water and effluent treatment
  • Water conditioning and chemical treatment programmes
  • Wide range of speciality performance chemicals for cooling water & boiler water treatment for all industries
  • Recycle of process streams and cooling tower blow down and utility waste water
  • Wide range of polyelectrolyte for liquid / solid separation in water & waste water treatment
  • Comprehensive O & M and AMC of the total water circuit
  • Upgradation / retrofitting plants on BOT basis
  • 24/7 service support
  • Supply of consumables like ion exchange resins, membranes, adsorbents, water treatment chemicals, antiscalants and critical spares
  • Total water management consultancy
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