Iron Removal Filter


The Iron Removal Filter is designed to remove the excess iron content present in the feed water with minimum pressure drop. Most iron filtration systems operate on the principal of oxidizing the iron to convert it from a ferrous (dissolved or soluble) to a ferric or undissolved state. For Oxidizing of Iron, H2OMSPL Provides Aeration, Dosing of Oxidizing agent or Ozonation depending on process requirement. Post to Iron filter, activated carbon filter is provided. Hence, A series of; Oxidation – Iron Removal Filter – Activated Carbon filter id provided.

Specifications :

Salient Features :

Applications :


Some Of Our Standard Models :

Name Capacity (LPH)
IRF-0500M/A 500
IRF-1000M/A 1000
IRF-2000M/A 2000
IRF-3000M/A 3000
IRF-5000M/A 5000
IRF-7500M/A 7500
IRF-10000M/A 10000
Iron Removal Filter, Iron Removal Filter Service In Mumbai, India
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