Nano Filtration System


H2OMSPL Nano Filtration System is applied to remove multivalent ions (like heavy metals) and is often used for decolorization, desalting, reducing the amount of organic matter. As a filtering technique Nano filtration is situated in between ultrafiltration and reverse osmosis. Ultrafiltration will not separate ions, whereas a NF will remove the larger ions. An RO, on the other hand, will remove nearly all the ions. NF has the same setup as an RO: a large stream flowing by the membrane while only the filtrate stream goes through the membrane. Nano filtration also works according to this cross flow principle.

Salient Features :

  • Low operational costs
  • Automatic/Semi-automatic operation
  • Sensors to monitor/Safeguard the system
  • Viruses, organic elements, and valence ions are removed from the hard water
  • It is an effective way of softening the hard water
  • The membrane has very tiny holes therefore, most molecules cannot go through

Applications :

  • Nano Filtration systems have Industrial, Domestic and Pharmaceutical applications, due to their low operating costs. H2O MSPL provides, Automatic and Semi-Automatic systems as per clients’ needs
  • H2O MSPL also provides various sensors within the system for proper functioning/safeguarding of system and achieve the permeate quality as promised to the client. Metallurgy of Contact and Non-Contact Parts is selected as per the process requirement
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