Moving Bed Bioreactor (MBBR)

H20 MBBR process for industrial and domestic wastewater treatment

MBBR or Moving Bed Bioreactor reactor is a high rate attached growth aerobic treatment system wherein the bacterial growth takes place on a media submerged in wastewater. MBBR process uses the floating type plastic media for the attached growth process. Treatment units based on MBBR are operating successfully worldwide, as the technology is proven and simple to operate. The major advantages include a compact, efficient design (less than a half of conventional plants), low sludge generation, low odour and low visual impact, and simple maintenance requirements.

The assurance from H2O is that the treated wastewater will be entirely capable of being used for many reuse applications, as it will be clear, free from colour, and free from odour. The life cycle maintenance cost of the system will also be substantially lower than conventional systems.

Advantage of MBBR process


Specifications & Special Features:

Moving Bed Bioreactor, H20 MBBR Process For Industrial and Domestic Wastewater Treatment in Mumbai, India

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