H2O Activated Sludge Process ( ASP)

H20 ASP – Activated sludge process for industrial and domestic wastewater treatment

H2O ASP is treatment in which bacteria is continuously mixed with the wastewater and digest the organic contaminants.

Air is injected to the water in order to provide the oxygen demand of the microorganisms and to keep the solids in suspension and in contact with the bacteria.

As the bacteria grow, they clump together and create larger particles that settle to the bottom of the tank. This is referred to as ‘activated sludge’.

Some of this sludge is returned into the water to help maintain required level of bacteria in the tank.

The process can be designed in different configurations. Each configuration has its own advantages at H2O we select option of treatment which is most suitable to the specific process conditions.

The most common configurations are :

Advantage of ASP process :

Applications :

  • Sewage treatment, Domestic, residential and institutional wastewater treatment
  • Petrochemical and field operations, textile wastewater
  • Dairy processing (milk, cheese, yogurt)
  • Beverage factories (breweries, juice, soda)
  • Pulp & paper
  • Aquaculture & hatcheries
  • Food processing

Specifications & Special Features :

  • Available in any capacity, in prefabricate & in civil tank type configuration.
  • Low capital investment cost.
  • Available in many configuration and options in type, Material of construction,
  • Adequately designed pre and post treatment
  • Easily expandable and suitable for augmentation projects of old treatment plants to enhance capacity and quality of treated water.
  • Suitable technology for phase wise operation & start-up of system.

H2O ASP Standard Model configuration

Model Code Capacity Type Features
A. H2O – ASP
H2O ASP-PF Suitable upto 250 Kg/ BOD Fabricated structure in MS / CS / GFSS tanks. Anticorrosive painting or lining option available. Suitable option for export applications. Rapid construction time. Mobile treatment units
HPASP- CL Process Tanks Pre-Fabricated tanks. Tanks in Civil construction Long life durable option. Low construction cost

H2O Activated Sludge Process, H20 Activated Sludge Process For Industrial And Domestic Wastewater Treatment in Mumbai, India

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